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Afro Comb

Afro Comb is a London-based couple and music duo redefining soul, jazz and hip hop. The duo is comprised of Caira Naomi and Denzel Nonso. Not only is their music mesmerizing, their visuals are just as stunning, which they direct themselves with their larger, creative friend group.

This young and new couple is all light and soul, and they have as much love for their music as they do for each other.

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Xavier White

Originally from Albany, Xavier is now based in Manhattan. He started singing at the age of 12 and over time, his sound has evolved to r&b-pop fusion. Through his music, Xavier not only talks about his life experiences, but manifests the goals and lifestyle that he wants to materialize.

As one of the hottest new artists coming into the scene, Xavier has shared stages with J.Cole, Trey Songz, Mac Miller, Tyga, MIMS and Talib Tweli.

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By way of Martinique to Brooklyn, Adeline is serving people all the punk, funk and soul vibes. In debuting her first solo album, she was able to redefine and craft her musical identity. Her start as a solo musician was all in divine timing based on her savings, amount of time, and opportunities that kept arising.

She has a PR company, Girlie Action, which is a female-run business.

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Eight year A Capella Queen and Bed-Stuy Baddie, Sali, writes and performs pop piano ballads for people who felt moved by SZA’s concept of a “20 something.” Her EP, coming out this year, is an edgy, sultry soundbite of her own life that may resonate with many young listeners. It’s about gaslighting, friend break ups, and looking for yourself in bars. Her music promises fresh lyricism and alternative takes on classic themes.

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The Maryland native grew up singing choir in church. He later went on to study music at the University of the Arts in Philly and originally wanted to be a classical singer. A few years later, he settled in NYC. His experiences in NY were difficult, often moving place to place but still focusing on his music. Serpentwithfeet is paving the way for inclusivity for gay, black men. His EP Apparition is out today, and it’s incredible.

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Amber Mark

Amber Mark is jet-setting soulful pop, and is incredible talented given that she largely produces and writes almost all of her music. One of the most influential forces of her music, resides in her experiences with her mother- a German Buddhist painter by way of Berlin, India, Miami and NYC. As a child, Amber lived a jet setting life, and it’s evident in her beats. About her music, Amber “wants people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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Raveena was raised between Queens and Connecticut. She graduated from the renowned NYU Tisch. She recorded each song off her Lucid album in her Queens apartment, truly NYC made. She blends her North Indian and South Asian culture, sexuality, identity, beliefs, and art within her sound. About her music, she says, “There’s so much beauty in this culture that people don’t realize. But there’s a lot of stuff we never talk about. I just think there’s room for more stories.”

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Adé Hakim

Hailing from the Bronx is Adé Hakim. Volume up for some real rhymes and chill beats. His lyrics always speak truth, which isn’t surprising given how self-aware he is. Adé speaks about the industry by saying,
“The industry goes for the weak-minded people. People that know themselves know that they’re more valuable than the deals that are offered. The best lyricists and best producers don’t care about the lists. That comes from internal wealth they know inside that they’re good.”

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Sye Elaine Spence

Introducing a true poet who amalgamates her words with earthy sounds and a beautiful voice. Her career started in 2008 when she started writing for local NYC artists. She released her EP “Bloom” in 2014 and a full album, “More” in 2019. For Sye, love is her biggest inspiration and she hopes to be remembered as: “A simple woman who contributed work to the world that was both beautiful and honest.” Sye’s words always elicit strength, while simple, they have weight.

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Jade De Lafleur

Originally from Louisiana, and now based in New York, introducing Jade de la Fleur. Jade views her music more as a journey and less as a single emotion. You can find a wide range of feelings and stories throughout her music, from folk, reggae and dark/sultry R&B. About her music, Jade says, “I just want to make people feel good about themselves and others. We’re all on this journey together and I’m just singing about mine.”

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