Meet some of the wonderful artists we have in our community!

Brian Chinn

Meet Brian Chinn, a multitalented musician who always brings an essence of mystery to his music that’s guaranteed to intrigue listeners. Starting with classical and blues guitar as a kid, Brian Chinn has since let his curiosity and persistence drive him to become the guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer that he is today. InContinue reading “Brian Chinn”

Axel Mansoor

Meet Axel Mansoor, founder of the Lullaby Room, the former Clubhouse icon, and radical self love advocate whose music captures listeners like the pages of a diary. Born to Mauritian parents but having moved around a lot throughout his life, Axel embraces the Third Culture Kid identity, which also heavily influences his music. On MayContinue reading “Axel Mansoor”

2012 Bid Adieu

Meet 2012 Bid Adieu, the reality-shifting collective taking the internet by storm- literally. Or is it? 2012 Bid Adieu is the reality-shifting collective who makes music about the questions you’ve always pondered but never fully experienced- an expert translator between the physical and digital worlds, as it shares messages from the digital purgatory. We’re soContinue reading “2012 Bid Adieu”


Introducing capespring., a Kenyan-based musician whose music is as alternative and dynamic as Nairobi itself. capespring. is the artist you haven’t heard of yet, but will soon. We were so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with him about his life experiences, inspiration, and his next EP, “diodrama” which drops tomorrow on 3/19. AtContinue reading “capespring.”

Native Dancer

Meet Native Dancer, a London-based and jazzy collective making music across all genres. It was such a pleasure to speak with Frida Touray and Sam Crowe from Native Dancer. The band consists of 5 talented and jazz-passionate individuals who use their mutual love for jazz as a foundation to break into different styles of music, makingContinue reading “Native Dancer”

Candice Hoyes

Meet Candice, an award-winning singer who’s defining her way while defying conventional stereotypes.  Introducing Candice Hoyes, who NPR nominated as an “activist-cum-laude.” She is a deeply layered and independent New York City artist on all fronts. Candice is a Columbia University Law School graduate turned musician who’s performed at Carnegie Hall, spoken for TED HQ,Continue reading “Candice Hoyes”

Mayah Dyson

Introducing Mayah, a soulful R&B artist whose riffs are as decorated as her musical career. If you have not yet heard of Mayah Dyson, it’s simply a matter of time before you do. Mayah Dyson is an R&B artist from Atlanta, GA by way of Woodbridge, Virginia, and is a recent graduate of the prestigious BerkleeContinue reading “Mayah Dyson”


Introducing MOZIAH, a multi-layered, creative artist whose music is as vibrant as his visuals. I was excited to interview MOZIAH, Marcus Guerrier, who is often known for his punny album titles and layered beats.Through his music, he often paints the scene of New York City landmarks between layered sounds and glass-shattering vocals. In this interview,Continue reading “MOZIAH”

Gina D’Soto

Meet Gina, a young, talented and accomplished independent singer, songwriter, composer and arranger. In this interview, Gina talks about her Cuban background, worldly experiences, and overcoming adversity in the big city, all while staying true to her values. I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented Gina D’Soto, who brings not only her traditional, CubanContinue reading “Gina D’Soto”

Afro Comb

This London duo is blending their African heritage, music, and British experiences into a fresh and eclectic sound. I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredible duo, Afro Comb. The group is composed of Caira Naomi and Denzel Nonso, who are from London, UK. Their sound infuses soul, jazz and hip-hop, usually made in theirContinue reading “Afro Comb”


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